Chutarat Rittihan

"There is a world out there full of possibilities. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, dare to make the most difficult thing easy without fear, then you can hit every success without fear forever. Faculty of Nursing Science is the first and only sustainable international nursing program in Thailand. Every step is a learning experience. Not only delivering academic classes, but the school taught us to live among diverse backgrounds and cultures through various activities WITHOUT discrimination. We learned to help, we learned to share, we laughed, we cried, we were sad, we were happy, we were scared and we went through obstacles together. It is not enough to explain how much I have learned and grown through those experiences. Beside a degree, I've gotten great life experiences and awesome friends from every corner of the world. A small decision made today, create a great lifetime change. Change your language, you change your thoughts through education and widen your world to reach your dream destination. Think of international nursing program, think of Faculty of Nursing​ Science, Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand."
Position: Flight Nurse & Case Manager
Asia Air Ambulance