BLNS’ Participation in Dek-D’s TCAS Fair 67

The Dek-D’s TCAS Fair 67 was organized at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) on October 7-8, 2023 to help high school students get the information and explore themselves regarding the faculties that they would like to study and their careers in the future. The Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science (BLNS) is one of all Schools from Assumption University of Thailand joined this activity. Dr. Pimsiri Bhusiri, Dean of BLNS; Dr. Supa Pudkasam, A. Siraporn Silphipat, Dr. Saw Yu Thanda, full-time faculty members; and Ms. Maythaporn Yuenyong, the staff of BLNS had the opportunity to talk with high school students and their parents in this event.  The AU Nursing School has offered the international nursing program since 1988. The criteria of applicants who are interested to study in AU School of Nursing Science are as follows:

      1. Obtain M.6 Certificate (grade 12) or its equivalent as issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation    
      2. Pass the examination and interview process of the Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science

      3. Be physically and mentally healthy (has no severe illness, contagious diseases, or deformity which will be the obstacle to the study).
      4. Have clear record of criminal charge and bad conduct or problem behavior which will affect the reputation of nursing profession, intent to study with full potential and strictly follow rules and regulations of the University (for non-Thai students).

Nursing graduates from the Faculty of Nursing Science at Assumption University of Thailand are able to       work in government and private organizations, both nationally and internationally:

      1. Registered nurse in all levels of healthcare organizations
      2. Healthcare entrepreneurs
      3. Travel nurse (e.g., cruise ships, flights)
      4. Nursing and health services consultant
      5. Health educator
      6. Cooperate health promotion and wellness consultant
      7. Nurse researchers