Susan Somporn

“Hi, my name is Susan Somporn. I am a graduate of ABAC alumni class of 2013 (Batch 23). I am aboard certified as a registered nurse in the state of California. And, I am currently working in the intensive care unit. I truly love my time at Assumption University. It was a time of tremendous growth both personally and professionally. And, it helps to launch a rewarding career that I loved. If there is anything that I would like to see change at Assumption University, it would be the ability to take more free electives. Being a well-rounded person in both personally and professionally is important and having more eclectic education help to support that. I realized that our nursing curriculum is intense academically, but it would be nicer to have more exposure to other subjects. I love my time at Assumption University and I appreciate being able to contribute my thoughts.”

Position: Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit, Sutter Health, Mills-Peninsula Medicare Center,USA