Pittawat Narktawan

"Sawassdee krub, my name is Pete and I graduated from the first class of Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science or ABAC Nursing School in 1992. That is almost 30 years ago. I still remember some good old days when I was a nursing student, and I would like to share with you. Studying nursing is generally difficult and need good time management because students have to learn both theory and a practical training at the same time. What do I do now? Life is such a journey after working as an RN or a registered nurse for many years. I have decided to advance my education and have now become a geriatric nurse practitioner. And, many thanks to the Dean and Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science to give me the opportunity to start my nursing career and a successful life journey.”

Position: Nurse Practitioner, Wellness Clinic, Desert Oasis Healthcare, Bermuda Dunes California, USA