BLNS’ Student Assembly

The Student Development Committee, Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science (BLNS) of Assumption University of Thailand organized the Student Assembly on Thursday, February 29, 2024 at Auditorium Hall.  It was the part of Ethical and Moral Inculcation for Nursing Students project chaired by Dr. Saw Yu Thanda.

The activities in the student assembly aimed to strengthen nursing students’ discipline, increase nursing students’ moral sensitivity, promote holistic development of nursing students, develop service-minded quality of nursing students, increase nursing students’ awareness toward social responsibility, inculcate morale and professional ethics in nursing students, and recognize nursing students who receive awards and have volunteer mind. Dr. Pimsiri Bhusiri, Dean of BLNS reminded the rules and regulations of the School and the University, provided certificates to the volunteer students who sacrificed themselves for people in the society as well as the certificates for students who attended English class for their self- development.

The outstanding nursing students who obtained the certificates were as follows:

CSR: BLNS Volunteer Spirit for Community 2023:

Chalita Yotarak, Sawitri khongnantha, Satida Salerk, Natcha Khotbutto,  Runchachita Tirarujkuakanya, Sawitree Muthuwong, Jidapa Chankao, Nattacha Rakchat, Ramon Soontramethakorn, Paw Pe Kar, Chanita Thamniam, and Natchanan Chantepa

Participation in First aid training on February 8, 2024 at Wat Khotharam School, Samut Prakan Province:

Zhihan Yu, Ramon Soontramethakorn, Phatranun Cotutha, and Chanita Thamniam

Participation in First aid training on Feb 21, 2024 at Talat Pak Khlong Chao School, Samut Prakan Province:

Zhihan Yu, Ramon Soontramethakorn, Paw Pe Kar, Bussara Kordphon, Phatranun Cotutha, Nerissa Petralba, Chanita Thamniam, and Keziah Boonprasith

Board Exhibition Initiation for health education AU community

Zhihan Yu, Bussara Kordphon, Kamonrat Panitbaugsa, and Tatiya Srirachakul

MC of the Year 2023:

Naruemon Jaemklin

At the end of this student assembly, the students had the opportunity to provide the feedback to the School for the School improvement.