Frequently Asked Questions

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Program and Admission Requirements

In order to gain admission to the Faculty of Nursing Science, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Minimum age is 17.
  • Weight is at least 40 kilograms. Height is not less than 150 centimeters.
  • Obtain M. 6 Certificate (grade 12)
  • Be physically and mentally healthy with medical certification (has no severe illness, contagious diseases, or deformity which will be the obstacle to the study)
  • Have clear record of criminal charge and bad conduct or problem behavior which will affect the reputation of nursing profession, intent to study with full potential and strictly follow rules and regulations of the University
  • Passing the placement tests of Assumption University
  • Pass the examination and interview process of the Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science

More information can be found on our admission web page. If you have further questions regarding admission requirements, please feel free to send us a message at email: or LINE: @abacnursing

There are 3 ways that you can apply: online, e-mail and walk-in. You can choose the way that you are convenient. More information on how to apply can be found on our admission web page

The fees you pay will depend on your course and fee status (for example, whether you are a Thai student, or an international student). The information is available on the tuition fees web page.

Yes we do accept applications from transfer students, but if you wish to transfer your courses or credits over, then you need to submit your full academic record including course descriptions along with your application for consideration.

More information on transfer students can be found at our admission web page.

Teaching and Learning

Yes all nursing courses are completely taught in English.

The Faculty of Nursing Science negotiates formal agreements with numerous clinical organizations, including hospital and community settings. The clinical placement commonly takes place in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces. Theses clinical experiences allow students to put theory and skills into practice, providing students with the professional knowledge, skills, values, and behaviours to succeed in nursing.

Assumption University maintains two campuses: Hua Mak and Suvarnabhumi. The Faculty of Nursing Science is located in the original campus at Hua Mak in the city. The Hua Mak campus is a compact, vertical campus comprised of 17 buildings with the tallest having a total of 16 floors. A small lake surrounded by lush gardens and seating is a focal point of beauty and tranquility. Food, convenience, and service shops to support student needs surround the campus.

More information on the campuses can be found at our AU Facilities web page.

Students are not required to live in the university dorms. Living in the apartments close to the university or commuting are also feasible housing options.