International Nurses Day 2023

“Nurses provide care and leadership to address global health challenges everywhere, often at great personal risk. They are the essential life force for health, yet our healthcare systems worldwide have fallen short and failed to value, protect, respect and invest in this precious resource. The world has mistakenly taken nurses for granted, treating them as an invisible and inexhaustible resource. That must now stop for the sake of nurses and global health”  

(ICN President, Dr Pamela Cipriano)

Resources for International Nurses Day 2023

The history of International Nurses Day (Thai version : created by Supratra Pattanaprateep)

“International Nurse Day 2023” (created by Conference Series)

“Response of the Resilient” – A Nurses Week Film

(created by Union)

How to get involved:

  • Share a photo that impressed you about nurses’ contributions to the healthcare system and a brief supported reason.
  • The best photo will be selected to win prizes, 200 Baht gift voucher from Starbuck coffee by emailing your photo/s to
  • Due date is on May 19, 2023